Aluminum Alloy Template Advantages:

     With the development of economy and the improvement of construction technology, aluminum alloy formwork in construction has been more extensively used in engineering construction. So far, it has been widely used in the construction of building in the United States, Japan, Hongkong, Macao and other countries and regions around the world. In recent years, the use of aluminum alloy formwork system has been gradually promoted in China's coastal provinces and cities and achieved objective economic and social benefits.

    Aluminum alloy formwork system is a new type of building formwork system with light weight and high strength, which is based on the development of light-weight, high strength, systematization and instrumentalism. Made of aluminum alloy material, the template system has the following advantages, compared with the traditional wood formwork, steel formwork and plywood formwork.

    Light weight but strong bearing.   

    long service life, free plastering and high recycling value, effectively controlling the cost.

    Beautiful appearance, one-time molding, effectively improving the construction progress.

    High precision and wide range of use.

    1, light weight: Commonly used aluminum alloy template weight is only 25KG\M2 and it can be manually assembled, overcoming the shortcoming that installing whole steel formwork system is completely dependent on the machine.

    2, high construction efficiency: Because of its light weight characteristics, aluminum template system is flexible in installation method. And with the early dismantling formwork support system, the construction speed is faster 2-3 times than    the normal template system, increasing work efficiency by about 13.

    3, high precision: Compared with the wood formwork system, the aluminum alloy formwork system can be used to deepen the layout of the board in high precision according to the design of the construction project.

   4, high construction quality: Because of its production industrialization, aluminum alloy template has large surface with little seam and oxidation protection layer. With the advantages of convenient demoulding, the concrete surface can      achieve the effect of clear water, thereby achieving free surface plastering and cost saving.

    5, a wide range of applications: The utility model is suitable for the application of the structure, such as the wall, the floor, beam column, the bridge, etc., and its surface is provided with an oxidation protective layer with the effect of acid resistance and corrosion resistance, more applicable in construction than steel formwork system.

    6, high bearing capacity and stiffness: compared with wood template and plywood formwork, this kind of template is high in stiffness, allowing uniform load and being capale of withstanding concrete lateral pressure 60KN\M2; the higher integral stiffness composed by beam plate and wall column template, greatly reducing support number.

    7, long life but low cost: up to 300 times of turnover under normal applicable standard construction ; low construction machinery dependence degree and lower cost of shared cost than the steel template.

    8, high recovery value and less waste: 40% residual value by recycling scrap aluminum according to the template; less use of wood and plaster, reducing construction waste and conforming with "four savings and environmental protection " requirements in Green Construction Guide" (Construction Quality No.233 [2007]).