Country Garden City in Malaysia

    Cultivating green civilization and constructing ecological new city, Country garden  forest city is located in Economic Zone of Malaysia , covering an area of about 20 square kilometers. With the investment of $100 billion from Country Gaden, this wisdom ecological city, built by Sasaki and other international well-known teams to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people  is  an  industrial new town with the combination of industy and city, green wisdom and three-dimensional layers. Adhering to the development concept of  "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing" , the garden has introduced its practice to the overseas and its major economies in Southeast Asia in the development of Malaysia city in the construction of forest not only take into account the social and economic benefits, but also consider the environmental benefits in the process , trying hard for the owners to create a livable and sustainable development of" an earthly paradise".

   The forest city vigorously develops science and technology innovation spirit to create six characteristics of the city ingenuously: Three dimensional city, multi dimensional ecological landscape, integration of industry and city, sponge City, smart city, TOD model. That is to design and improve the new city considering urban diseases in the traditional city, such as traffic jam, noise pollution and garbage everywhere. The separation of people and vehicles with green park on the ground and vehicles at the bottom, strengthenes the information, promotes intelligence and forms a three-dimensional city and smart city.

   In 2016, Country garden forest city won many honor titles, such as "Global Human Settlements Planning and Design Award" issued by the Association meeting of United Nations Conference on sustainable development of housing and City, " Best Future Super City "awarded by Asia Pacific Real Estate Summit, etc.  

    Green civilization and ecological harmony shaped by forest city will change the mode of economic growth, improve the quality of economic development, promote the safety of food, water and energy and make the future city greener and more smart and livable.